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Now being relaunched after a multi-year hiatus (apologies to mid-life medical issues)! We're expanding beyond LBS and E911 to Internet of Things and BlockChain (the latter in a blatant attempt to gain clicks).
Location-Based Services (LBS) - The use of (mobile) locating techologies to provide value-adding consumer and enterprise services.
Public Safety, particularly E911 (Enhanced 911) - The use of mobile locating technologies to find you when you dial 911.
Internet of Things - When practically everything (and everyone) you see has some sort of sensor(s) and the ability to provide information about that thing (or things around it) to some (one, thing) via the internet. This is the future, whether we like it or not!
Driverless Cars - The implementation of this ecosystem will have profound effects on the human/technology interface and overall society. This page will try and anticipate these effects.
Drones - Drones are fast moving from the hobbyist and even cutting-edge business uses towards the mainstream. The intersection of drones in the use of Location-Based Services is going to be exciting, and is tracked here.
Location Privacy - The Privacy implications of all of the above are enormous, and the potential for abuse immense. We diligently track and opine on privacy concerns on anything to do with mobile location (for additional information on location data privacy click here).

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