A Different Kind of Technology News Source. We are: 

  • Focused (LBS, E911, IoT, and related technologies and issues - see more below)
  • Analytical (Generally will have some sort of comment on the importance of the the news item, instead of it just lying there for you to interpret),
  • Expansive (We'll link to the source of the news if you want to read more, otherwise we will excerpt and summarize), and 
  • Humorous (we hope, as technology generally doesn't lend itself to jokes, we'll use sarcasm instead)

Most technology news sites are either over-broad, or advertising channels with a bit of news thrown in. LBS Globe is --neither: We specialize in a specific area of mobile technology--wireless location--and publish only news, articles, blogs, and other information related to it.

Technologies Covered: GPS, A-GPS, E911, TDOA, AFLT, Enhanced Cell ID/Cell ID, RF Fingerprinting,  IoT underlying technologies (numerous) RTLS, RFID, Wi-Fi (TOA, RSSI, etc), Ultrasound, Infrared, BLE, Beacon, NFC, Mobile Forensics (CDRs, NELOS, etc.), Drones,    Sensors (Position, Occupancy, Motion, Velocity/Acceleration/Force, Pressure/Flow, Temperature/Humidity, Light/Acoustic, Chemical, and last but not least Bisensors). Read more about these sensors  here.
Issues Covered: Location-Based Privacy and Security, Regulatory (Particularly Privacy, E911, and Drones-related)